Hello! Welcome to Oat Couture – my healthy living blog, with a little fashion on the side. In this blog, I’ll be documenting my efforts to live the healthiest life I can. There’ll be recipe suggestions, workout tips, reports on the latest health/diet research, product reviews and more! There’ll also be notes on the latest fashion trends, reviews of the hottest high-street collections, and pics of my latest fashion buys.

Why have I decided to serve up my healthy living suggestions with a side of fashion? Well, firstly because it allows me to harp on about two subjects I love to talk about – Clothes and Food! And secondly because I want to show that fashion and healthy eating aren’t incompatible. The Size 0 trend and the commonplace belief that all high-fashion clothes are designed for anorexic giraffes, have contributed to the idea that you can’t be fashionable and live a healthy lifestyle at the same time. To be a true fashionista you have to be a chain-smoking, rice-cake-eater, right? Not in my opinion. And hopefully not in your opinion either, once you’ve read my blog for a bit ;).


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