Comfort Food

I got home from the gym this evening feeling exhausted and blah. It was cold and grey today, my workout was lacklustre, my flatmates were out for the eve (meaning I’d have to watch Glee alone – don’t you hate that?), and, on top of it all, I’d had the most painful brazilian wax of my life on my lunch break and was still smarting from the pain.I was in serious need of some comfort food.

 I decided to create something entirely new out of a mixture of my favourite things.  I cooked up some quinoa, broccoli and sweetcorn in a pan, and wacked some butternut squash and a Thai crabcake in the oven. Then, as I’m a huge fan of one bowl meals, I threw all the veggies and the quinoa into a wok with a little sesame seed oil and some soya sauce.

I topped the mixture with the crabcake, which I then smashed up and mixed in. I’m christening it: Comforting Crabcake-Quinoa Mush. It looked weird but it was yummy!


For me, one of the great thing about being home alone for an evening, is that you can cook up something weird and wonderful without having to put up with anyone else’s odd looks!

I ate it while watching Grey’s Anatomy and topped off my meal with 2 slices of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. By the time I’d finished I was in a much better mood!

What weird looking meals do you cook when you need comforting?


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