Brighten Up and Eat Coconut Milk

I am getting seriously excited about springs colourblocking trend.

Check out Gucci’s acid brights:

Wouldn’t you love to strut into the office in that come April?

I’m also loving Michael Kors’ more relaxed take on the trend:

I always find that fantasising about my spring wardrobe helps me get through the dull, grey monotony that is London in February.

I also find that exotic tastes and smells help keep me up-beat and focused on spring. Like this Red Thai Chicken pot from Waitrose, that I had for dinner last night:

The combination of coconut milk and chilli made think of beaches in Thailand. It also had a great balance of veggies, protein from the chicken, and healthy fats from the coconut milk. Coconut milk is a relatively new player in the health food market but has been a staple in alternative medicine for years because it’s packed full of lauric acid, which is thought to help support the immune system and fight infections. (One of the reasons why breast milk is thought to be so good for babies, is because of the lauric acid content!) I also always find coconut milk helps settle an upset stomach and combat nausea. 

A lot of people worry about the calorie content in coconut milk, but this Waitrose soup- amounting to just 312 calories – proves that you can have a little of it without having to worry about getting fat! 312 calories isn’t quite enough to satisfy me, so I ate it with a side salted edamame beans (which also upped the protein content of my meal) and finished off with a low-fat rice pudding.


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