Valentine’s day – it’s all about the chocolate

Now that Valentines Day is over, I feel that I’m no longer at risk of being a kill-joy if I confess that I don’t really like Valentines day that much. I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe its because it’s over-commercialised, or maybe it’s because it can all get a bit cheesy, or maybe its because it depersonalises romance…..Then again, maybe it’s because I spent it alone for the last, oh, 4 years. Whatever the reason, I’m just not the biggest fan. This year, however, I actually had to acknowledge it happening after years of ignoring it, because my my (very new) boyfriend made it quite clear he was not going to allow us to skip it!

Our dinner together did little to altar my jaded view of the day. We went to a local restaurant that’s typically quiet, atmospheric with decent, reasonably priced pub grub. But last night it was unrecognisable: full to the brim with couples seemly competing over who could look the most loved-up, decorated in tasteless love hearts,  and boasting a ‘special Valentines menu’ which was basically their usual menu but with less choice and higher prices. To add insult to injury the food was mediocre. In an attempt to eat healthily I chose a dish which was described on the menu as ‘chicken skewers with salad and pitta’ – an even mix of veggies, protein and carbs. When it came, however, the ‘salad’ turned out to be composed almost entirely of feta cheese and raw onions! Not ideal from a health or smelly-breath perspective!

When we got home, however, my boyfriend presented me with my present and I remembered that there is one very good reason to celebrate Valentine’s day…….


Their pink wrapping may make these truffles sickly sweet to look at, but they tasted divine. I gave my boyfriend one and ate the rest myself!  A few more Valentine’s day treats like these and I might just be converted…..


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