Product Review – Hearty Chilli Con Carne

I am the Chilli Con Carne Queen. Officially. I’m not a big meat eater in general ( serve me roast lamb and I’ll probably never accept a dinner invitation from you again) but I adore a good chilli. It’s my go-to dish when I feel like I need to up my iron intake and recoup. And I’m great at making it. I have about 5 different versions up my sleeve – American style, Mexican style, with kidney beans, with chickpeas, with turkey sausage….you get the idea.

I usually keep a stock in the freezer for whenever a chilli-craving strikes. Last night, however,  I opened the freezer to find….Nothing. Nada. Just a few sad looking frozen peas. It was too late and I was too hungry to start making one from scratch, so I nipped to the supermarket to see what I could find, and what should catch my eye but this bad boy:

I’m often sceptical about ready-made meals (especially ones which come in a packet and require no fridge) but a quick look at the ingredients satisfied me. It only has natural ingredients (I recognised and could pronounce all the ingredients listed) and uses prime, Cumbrian beef. Most importantly, it could be heated up in the pan in a few minutes. I was hungry, so I decided to take a risk. And I was so glad I did. It was hearty, meaty, spicy and just what I needed. It wasn’t quiet tomatoey enough, so I bulked it up with some chopped, tinned tomatoes. I also stirred in some organic nutritional yeast flakes to enhance the flavour and add some healthy Vitamin B. I served it with grilled courgettes and brown rice and a large glass of red wine. Overall rating? 4/5 stars.


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