Style Icons of the Moment: Kate and Pippa Middleton

I have long been a huge fan of Kate Middleton’s style. I know I may alienate a few fashionistas by saying that . True, she’s hardly a boundary-pusher and she’s certainly never going to be at the cutting edge of the latest trends, but I don’t think that would be appropriate for a soon-to-be Royal. Personally, I think she’s managed to find a classic style that works for a future queen and is true to who she is, reflecting her middle-class-English-boarding-school-horse-riding roots. Better still, she’s worked out what suits her figure at an age when many of us are still trying to figure out whether we’re apples or hour-glasses. 

If you need more convincing, just think back to that Issa number that she announced her engagement in:

No wonder it sold out in days!

But I can claim to spotted her style-icon-potential, since she stepped out in this pink dress, way back in 2008:

Okay, admittedly the handbag would probably be more at home on one of the Jersey Shore girls than on the arm of the future queen, but  the dress is perfect for her figure and colouring. (By the way, it’s also by Issa- don’t you love the fact she’s already found her go-to designer?)

BUT, however much  I love Kate, I reckon it’s her baby sister who’s really going to be the one to watch when it comes to classic British style. She’s just a little more adverturous than her older sis, and it pays-off. Check her out:

See what I mean? Where Kate would have worn black kitten heels, Pippa baulks the safe option and goes for espadrilles.

And where Kate goes for high-necked and monochrome, Pippa opts for pink with just a hint of bra showing. Pippa Middleton may not be a household name yet, but I’m predicting big things for this fashionista.


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