I’m a 24 year old girl trying to live the healthiest life I can live. I created this blog as a way to share my pursuit of health with the world. On this blog you’ll find product reviews, healthy recipes, reports on health and diet research, workout tips, and more. I’ll also write about ideas, theories and research from a whole range of clever folks – not just nutritionists and doctors but also psychologists, philosophers etc. That’s because I take a holistic view of health. To me, it’s not just about cholesterol levels and diet, its also about how happy and fulfilled you are. I think that finding a balance in life is the most important thing. It’s something  I really struggle with, but something I’m totally committed to achieving.

There’ll also be notes on the latest fashion and beauty trends. Why? Because I like a side a side of haute couture with my oats. There’s a tendency to think of fashion and health as two very different and incompatible entities. The trend for rail-thin models has led many people to believe that you can’t be into health and fashion at the same time.  Well, I don’t believe you have to sacrifice your health in order to be fashionable (and I certainly don’t believe you have to wear sandals-and-socks to be healthy!). I hope that my blog will reassure other fashion-nuts that being healthy doesn’t have to mean being dowdy.


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